Collective Worship 2017-18

Collective Worship plays a central part in our school’s life. It is the time in the day when the whole school, key stages, year groups or individual classes meet to share in worship, in each other’s joys, ideals and achievements, as well as sharing times of disappointment and sadness. Collective Worship is conducted in a dignified and respectful way which encourages children to be reflective and discover a meaning in their lives. It is a quiet, special time which aims to strengthen the sense of community and belonging and affirms the values, ideals and ethos of our school. It provides a peaceful, reflective time together and space from the hectic school day for both children and staff. Collective Worship may be led by members of staff, local clergy, visitors or by the children themselves. Parents who wish their child to be withdrawn from Collective Worship or Church Services are requested to make their wishes known, in writing to the Head Teacher.