Every Child A Talker

Here at Creswell Infants, we are  incredibly proud to be taking part in the 'Every Child A Talker' programme. It is designed to help children master the key language skills for every child to be confident to speak and be able to share their own thoughts and ideas. This could be from retelling a favourite story to talking to their friends. Any form of talking will help your child immensley which in turn can help to improve their reading and writing skills as well as helping them to form friendships. 
Research has shown that 10 minutes of good quality play with your child (without any TV or Ipads etc) can help them develop a stronger bond with you. There are many ways you can encourage talking with your child such as:
  • Having a teddy bears picnic
  • Baking - asking your child to repeat instructions to you
  • Working as a team to build your very own den
  • Going on a walk and listening to the sounds you can hear
  • Painting a picture of your favourite super hero
  • Reading a favourite story together and making up voices for characters
The possibilities are endless! Below is a pack with various other suggestions of activities that you can do with your child to help them with their language skills. If you would like any further information please feel free to come and chat to me.
Miss Inglis