Yellow Class 2018/19

Welcome to Yellow class
Your teachers are: Mrs Bradford and Mrs Preece.
We will keep you up to date with all of the fun things that will be happening during our learning. There will be loads of photos and posts informing you of what we do in each area of the curriculum.
During the morning you can come and help your child with their morning job. Parents/carers can stay for 10 minutes until children need to be registered. Our morning jobs can include reading, writing and drawing. It is important that you read at home with your child as well as during morning jobs. Remember to write in their reading journal too. 
Yellow class has introduced a new way to encourage children to read three times a week at home. This chart is up in the classroom and will be updated every Monday. Children must read three times a week and have this written in their reading journals to get a treat.
We also have an attendance chart displayed in the classroom to encourage children to come to school everyday on time. This can be done with parents/carers and children in a morning. If children get a tick for everyday of the week, they will be given an extra treat on a Friday. This is all to get our class attendance to 100% so we can win the attendance trophy in the star assembly. Another trophy will be given to one child in the class who has both, 100% attendance for the week, and has done some good learning all week.
This term our P.E days are Monday and Wednesday. You need to make sure your child has their kit with them so they can participate. If your child has their ears pierced it is advised that they come without them in on these days.
Our show and tell day is on a Friday. If your child has something exciting to show, this is the only day of the week they get to talk about their item. If this item is valuable I would advise leaving it at home. If your child has got a special achievement then please let me know early in the week. This is so they can receive a special mention in star assembly.
Star assemblies are a chance for us to come together to celebrate our achievements throughout the week. If your child receives a star letter on a Thursday afternoon, you are invited to come along and celebrate with us. The star assembly starts at 1:10pm.
Spelling Shed has been set up to help children with their spellings. Spelling lists will be going up soon, and usernames and passwords will be handed out to all children. Link is below.
School Council
We did a vote to decide who we thought would be suited in being a school councillor. These children were able to show that they suited the job and impressed us with what they had to offer.
Our school councillors are Aiden and Maci-Belle.
Autumn Term
This term our topic is Magical Lands. All our work for this Autumn term will be based around everything magical. We link all of our work to Magical Lands, which means our learning is full of excitement.
For our launch day we went searching for magical creatures in the forest. Here we were able to explore different magical creatures and people that lived there.
In English we have done a variety of learning such as story writing, poetry and instruction writing, including bossy verbs and time connectives. Children have produced a range of high quality work, showing their passion for learning.
We have been busy making Christmas decorations, following instructions and creating our own instructions. We have gained many skills and have learnt about the importance of instructions. 
In maths we have been learning about number bonds, place value, adding and subtracting. We have done a number of practical lessons where we have used various pieces of equipment to aid us in our learning.
Every Friday we do Active maths. 
Topic includes Geography, History, Art, Design Technology, Science, Computing, Music and P.E. Every afternoon we do topic and each afternoon is different. 
As part of science we have explored a range of materials, identifying them and sorting them into the correct group. This was to help us investigate what materials were most durable for each of the three little pigs' houses. We tested these materials and felt how strong they would be, making sure the pigs got the best quality house. 
This term we have had the opportunity to be taught both wheelchair and regular basketball. We have been able to develop our co-ordination and core strength.
Spring Term
This term our topic is Space. All our work is based around Space, which means an exciting term for all the children. 
For our launch day we were investigating an unusual disturbance on our field. Children went out exploring the different things that had been left on our field, seeing if they could come up with a solution to what had happened.
In maths we are focusing on a range of exciting topics including, finding one more and one less of a given number. So far we have been looking at standard and non-standard measures, both practically and in books.
We have also had fun looking at partitioning numbers using base 10. Children have been able to use resources effectively to show their understanding.
Every Friday we do Active maths.
This term in English we are learning all about space. So far we have looked closely at the astronauts Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong. Children have produced some fantastic writing and facts about these people. 
We have also made fact files all about space such as, the moon landing, rockets, astronauts and space itself. 
This term for P.E. we are lucky enough to have Jo the dance teacher come and teach us some routines. Over the next 6 weeks we will be learning different types of dances and developing our skills.
In Science we have been super busy discovering different materials and their properties. We have been looking at the vocabulary we can use to talk about how materials might feel.