Purple Class 2019/20

Welcome to Purple class !
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Our teacher is Mrs Cardwell and our teaching assistant is Mrs Lee. 
On Thursdays Mrs Alder or Mrs Newton will be in class to do our learning with us.
We will keep you up to date with our learning on this page with lots of photos of the hard work we are doing and fun we are having.  We will also include on this page information about our curriculum and links to fun and interesting websites that may help continue learning at home.
We read everyday so please bring your reading record and book bag into school each day.  Reading at home as well as school really helps you to become a better reader.  If you read at home 3 or more times a week you will be recognised on our Reading Champs trophies and receive dojo points.  We have lots of new books to choose from in our library.
We will have a spelling challenge each week.  Spellings will be on Spelling Shed each Monday a spelling challenge the following Monday.  
Each day we have a handwriting lesson where we practise forming letters of the correct size and shape.  As our handwriting improves we will receive handwriting awards.
This term our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday so please make sure you have PE kits and that earrings are taken out or you have medical tape that you are able to cover them with.
**NEW The links below will take you to websites that are great fun and will help you with your learning:
Spelling Shed - Spellings will be in the 'more lists' section each Monday. Usernames and passwords have been given in a sealed envelope. You can earn medals and badges and create your own avatar !
Primary Stars - On the families page you can practise maths and spellings
Phonicsplay - The children love playing Obb and Bob and Buried Treasure in our phonics lessons.
BBC Bitesize KS1 Maths - There are lots of video clips and games that will help develop Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) maths skills
Autumn Term
Our Topic this term is Fabulous Forests.  On our first day we were Forest Explorers and explored in the forest.  We collected tree treasure and looked out for clues to show what animals might live in there.
Fast Maths
We have been doing our Fast Maths Grid every day to help us to get better at recalling Number Bonds.  We are getting better all the time.
Fabulous Forests
On our first day we went exploring the forest in school.  Mrs Alder our Forest School Teacher explained how to stay safe in the forest and we went collecting our own forest treasure!
We used things from the forest to create artwork just like Andy Goldsworthy.
Our Visit to Sherwood Pines
To help us with our learning about Fabulous Forests we visited a local forest, Sherwood Pines!  We had a wonderful day exploring the forest.  We met a forest ranger, discovered real life minibeasts and planted crocus bulbs.
What will you find in a UK Forest?
We have learned about which animals live in the forests in the United Kingdom and designed and made habitats for them.
We have also been exploring British trees and matching the leaves and seeds to the correct trees.
Wheelchair Basketball
We had a visit from a wheelchair basketball coach and had the chance to practise the skills needed.
A Different Type of Forest
We have began to explore the Amazon Rainforest, it is very different!
Thank you to Deon in Year 2 we had some minibeasts visit that you might find there, a giant millipede and snail.
HAPPY DIWALI! We really enjoyed learning all about the festival of light. We were inspired to design, make and evaluate our own Diya lamps.  
Investigating Plants
After planting the crocus bulbs at Sherwood plants we decided to investigate how plants grow. 
Our first question was do seeds need water to grow?
We found out that they do need water to grow but if you give them too much the seed rots.  A rotten seed is very smelly!!!
Our next question was do seeds need soil to grow?
We made our predictions, carried out the experiment and then recorded our conclusions.
We were very surprised to find out that they don't need soil, they will grow on a paper towel!!