Purple Class 2018/19

Welcome to Purple class !
Our teacher is Mrs Cardwell. 
On Tuesdays Mrs Weller or Mrs Newton will be in class to do our learning with us.
We will keep you up to date with our learning on this page with lots of photos of the hard work we are doing and fun we are having.  We will also include on this page information about our curriculum and links to fun and interesting websites that may help continue learning at home.
We read everyday so please bring your reading record and book bag into school each day.  Reading at home as well as school really helps you to become a better reader.  If you read at home 3 times a week every week for the term you will get a Reading Challenge certificate.  We have lots of new books to choose from in our library.
We will have a spelling challenge each week.  Spellings will be in the 'more lists' section of Spelling Shed each Monday.  If you would also like a paper copy please bring your home spelling book with you so that you are ready for the challenge !!
Each day we have a handwriting lesson where we practise forming letters of the correct size and shape.  As our handwriting improves we will receive handwriting awards.
This term our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday so please make sure you have PE kits and that earrings are taken out or you have medical tape that you are able to cover them with.
**NEW The links below will take you to websites that are great fun and will help you with your learning:
Spelling Shed - Spellings will be in the 'more lists' section each Monday. Usernames and passwords have been given in a sealed envelope. You can earn medals and badges and create your own avatar !
Times Tables Rockstars - Practise the timetables we have been learning in class. Usernames and passwords have been given in a sealed envelope.  You can earn coins and create your own avatar !
Primary Stars - On the families page you can practise maths and spellings
Phonicsplay - The children love playing Obb and Bob and Buried Treasure in our phonics lessons.
BBC Bitesize KS1 Maths - There are lots of video clips and games that will help develop Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) maths skills
School Council
We had an election for our School Councillors.  We shared with the class our ideas for why we would be a good school councillor and then voted for who we thought had the best ideas.
Alisha and Jenson are now our school councillors
Autumn Term
Our learning this term is based on Harry Potter.  We have lots of Harry's belongings and photos of the people he knows in our classroom. We had great fun exploring !  We were investigators for the day and had to record what evidence we had found and what questions we had.
We went to a potions class and made potions to help us with our golden rules. 
We had to wear the Hogwarts sorting hat to sort us into houses, which house would the sorting hat choose for us, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin ?
Letter from Hogwarts
We received a letter from Hogwarts ! It was inviting us to attend.  There was a list of everything we would need.  We wrote a letter back to them to accept and explained why we thought we would be good witches and wizards and what we were looking forward to most.
Harry arrives at Hogwarts !
We worked together to write a newspaper report about Harry's arrival at Hogwarts.  We used time connectives to order the events and we used adjectives to make our report interesting.
The Forbidden Forest
We went to explore the forest to see what we could hear, see, touch and how we would feel if we were in the Forbidden Forest.  We used our ideas to write a setting description.
Ordering Numbers
We have been using our knowledge of numbers and place value.  We ordered numbers from least to greatest on a human number line.
Number Bonds
We have been practising number bonds to 10, 20 or 100.  We know that we can use facts we know from number bonds to 10 to help us with bonds to 20 and 100.
Hogwarts Shields
We used different techniques to shape the clay and make patterns to create our own Hogwart's shield.
Skittles experiment
We have been observing what happens when we add water to things.  First we investigated adding water to different ingredients in our potions.  We then added water to skittles, look what happened !
Wheelchair Basketball
In PE we enjoyed playing wheelchair basketball.  We had to be able to control and manoeuvre the wheelchair with our hands.
Exploring maps
We have been investigating maps to find out what we needed to make our own.  We looked at how maps are labelled and keys.  We looked at an atlas of the world and the Marauder's map from Hogwarts.