Pink Class 2018/19

Welcome to Pink Class  

Miss Jardine & Mrs Sharp

This is our class page where we will share key information and showcase our many exciting learning opportunities throughout the year. 

We look forward to a fun filled, successful year!

Key Notices


It is very important that every child reads at least three times a week at home. This needs to be recorded in the reading record diary. Please put your reading record and book in the tray every morning. Books will now be changed in class. A reading reward scheme is displayed in the classroom. Happy Reading!

 PE Days

Our P.E days are Monday and Wednesday. Please keep a P.E kit in school clearly labelled with names. We will do P.E in most conditions so please make sure clothes are weather appropriate.

 Golden Time and Activity Money

We are very fortunate to have time set aside for rewarding children’s hard work. We are very proud of Pink class’ achievements and invite you to our rewards assembly which are held Fridays at 1.10pm (Invitations to be sent Thursdays) We will continue to collect 50p activity money each Monday morning to contribute towards Golden Time activities and treats. Your contributions are very much appreciated.


Spring Term 1

Out of this World!

Hazard tape, electronic devices, slime! We could not believe our eyes when we arrived back at school. Something had crash landed on our field! We had to investigate the crash site for more information!

We then had a letter from NASA who asked us to write to them to explain what had been happening at our school! It was very exciting!
The excitement did not stop there! We used our maths skills to measure the length and height of various objects using both non-standard and standard units of measure.
Spring Term 2

Out of this World...Continued!

In Pink Class this term we had a visitor that was truly Out of This World! We found a mysterious package shaking in the middle of our classroom! After some intense interviewing we found out lots of information about our new alien friend 'Zoggle'. We also had a visit from the Planetarium where we met a real life astronomer!

Our 'Out of This World' topic was brought to an end with our Alien Tea Party. Families were invited along to our afternoon showcase where the classroom was transformed. Each child set the table including rocket chairs and astronaut space mats. A showcase of our learning was presented, followed by our favourite alien themed songs. A tasty challenge was set for the children and families to make an icing alien to put on top of their bun.  Followed by a serving of  a variety  of alien treats from asteroid boulders to Saturn ring crisps! A fun afternoon was had by all!
Our home learning projects proved very successful this term. Just look at our wonderful creations!
Summer Term 1
What Makes Great Britain Great?
Welcome back from the Easter break. We hope you are all well rested and ready for a short but jam packed term! A very warm welcome to the lovely Mrs Sharp who will be helping us with our learning for the rest of the year!
The children came back to school with the sound of the English National Anthem , Union Jack bunting and a Big Ben in the classroom to kick off our new topic. We spent the morning virtually exploring London and finding out lots of interesting information! Look in our classroom for our London Fact Files and Visit London posters. You could even visit our London Tourist Information desk and ask one of our experts! 
Come and visit our Creswell Tate where our portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and our Damien Hirst inspired pieces are exhibited. We have some budding artists in Pink Class! 
A Very Royal Visitor...
Our interest in the Queen led us to wanting to find out more about her. After realising that some information on the internet is out dated or inaccurate we decided to write and invite the Queen to our school, so that we could interview her for ourselves. Low and behold, before we knew it we were practising our very best curtsies and bows in preparation for the royal visit!  
Summer Term 2
The Great Fire of London
Our 'What Makes Great Britain Great?' topic continues with a history focus this term. Freshly baked bread, scrumptious cheese and the sound of crackling fires in our classroom, but why? We had to use our investigation skills to figure out the happenings of the historic event! Check back soon! 
Golden Time in Pink Class
In Pink Class we love our Golden Time and work really hard to ensure we do not miss any of our exciting treats. We wanted to share with you some of the exciting things we do. Thank you for your activity money contributions as these go towards treats to eat and drink as well as resources. Have a look!