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At Creswell Infant school we received a  grant of £16,000 plus £10 per child through the PE and sport premium for primary schools. We use this sports grant to deliver an engaging, challenging and high quality PE curriculum to all children.


During 2017/2018 the grant has been put towards employing a qualified Sports Coach to deliver PE to children in KS1. Our sports coach also runs an after school club which focuses on ball skills. He also works alongside the teachers to train teams to participate in local tournaments, such as Cross Country and Gymnastics.


In addition, we employ a highly qualified Dance teacher who comes to school every week to teach children vital dance skills and children also have the chance to attend an after school club.

The impact of the way we use the sports grant is that all children at Creswell Infant and Nursery School benefit from high quality, timetabled provision from PE and sport experts. In addition to a PE session.

Having a dedicated Sports Coach and Dance teacher means that children are learning PE through a skills-based curriculum, which means that children gain new skills each year and are taught the basics early on. Our PE teachers are passionate about their subjects, so children gain enthusiasm and positivity towards physical exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This, in turn has a positive effect on self-esteem and well being of all children.


We have just been awarded the Derbyshire Key Stage 1 School Sports Mark for our commitment and engagement in Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sport. thank you to Mrs. Lievesley for leading the work and to the staff and children who contributed to the award. (February 2016)
Stand up for Derbyshire day.
On the 29th of September we took part in the Stand up for Derbyshire day. We really enjoyed active maths and English lessons and enjoyed bringing our bikes to school, using the sports equipment and den building in our golden time!
M4ths of the day - 
Each week children in KS1 take part in an active maths lesson. The teachers use a wide variety of ideas to help children develop their maths skills in a creative and exciting way. All the children have found the activities fun and challenging.
Mason - Year 2 - 'I wish we could do maths like this every day'. 
Rayden - Year 2 - ' I love maths of the day, it's so fun'. 
Competition News
On the 11/10/2017 We took part in a Cross country competition against all of the local schools in the cluster.
We are so proud of all of the children that took part, they all ran the whole course without stopping once, and we are excited to say we came 2nd in the girls race and 1st in the boys race!
Well done team Creswell!
In spring term 1 - 
We were very fortunate to have had an insight into Paralympic basketball. Both the children and the staff loved it. 
The children in KS1 then got 6 weeks of Basketball lessons which taught them to master basic movements such as running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and coordination. 
Sporting competitions coming up within the cluster -
March 6th - Cross country at Whitwell primary school 3:30 while 4:15 (Due to adverse weather conditions this event has been postponed till further notice).
March 9th - Infant Dance festival at Heritage - 1:30 start.
Infant agility at 'The Arc'
A team of 10 Year 2's went to compete in the Infant Agility competition. They competed against all the schools in our cluster doing a range of throwing, catching, running and jumping. 
We came 4th overall. 
Well done team Creswell 
The Daily mile
We were a case study for the Daily mile last summer. Every day the children run for 15minutes. The daily miles aim is to improve physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of our children, regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances.  Children are asked to run or jog at their own pace, in the fresh air, with their friends. Children are allowed to walk to catch their breath, but should aim to run or jog for as much of the 15 minutes as they can. The research from our case study showed that our children increased interest in their health and wellbeing, they focused more in lessons, and behaviour improved compared to before the trial. Each class runs the daily mile at a different time each day. 
How do you get to school? 
Our year Twos are tallying how they get to school every day. In order to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle the year twos are hoping that on every daily tally chart more pupils will begin walking or biking to school. 
Our year twos use their tallies and put them into bar charts. They will monitor over time if their pledge for a healthy lifestyle has had an impact on the school. 
Come on team Creswell, lets all walk to school! 
Yellow Class have attended the Cricket Festival organised as a Cluster of Schools event this May (2019).
The class really enjoyed the activities. Pictures will be added to this page very soon.