Golden Time

What is Golden Time?

Golden Time is a fantastic, positive behaviour management system.

Golden Time is a whole-school celebration, a special reward session for the children who have kept all week a set of school values that we call the Golden Rules. Every Friday after our Star Assembly we set aside an hour for Golden Time, so that every child can stop work and have a weekly session in which very special, enjoyable activities are on offer. Golden Time is linked to the Golden Rules, every child has a full hour of Golden Time at the beginning of every week and by following the Golden Rules they keep their Golden Time.

Our Golden Rules

We are gentle
We are kind and helpful
We listen
We are honest
We work hard
We look after property

Golden Time links to our behaviour policy. Research tells us that the removal of a privilege or treat is the best sanction or consequence for persistently breaking the Golden Rules. We have a visual warning system to help children follow the Golden Rules, this takes the form of a circle, eyes then sad mouth to form a sad face. The circle is given first and children understand they can change their behaviour and the circle will be removed at the beginning of the next teaching session. A child only loses Golden Time if they have ignored the warning circle and eyes and have reached a sad face. Reaching a sad face means 3 minutes will be deducted from their chosen Golden activity time.

Golden Time activity choices are selected in classes. The variety of activities excite the children and therefore children do not want to miss any of the special time. School makes sure that no child uses Golden Time to catch up on work and Teachers always participate fully in Golden Time to ensure it is truly a reward for the children.

Children who miss 5, 10 or 15 minutes of their Golden Time sit quietly reflecting on their behaviour until their time is completed. They then join their class activity. Children who regularly miss some of their Golden Time are monitored and a meeting with parents will be made. Action is then taken to support the child in reducing the time lost in the following weeks.

The best thing is that our children understand the system, the system is fair, they adore Golden Time.

Behaviour around School and when we go on visits is good. We have often received praise from members of the public, on school trips, because of our children's good behaviour.

Golden Time choices are activities that have been previously suggested by the children therefore they fully own the whole reward session.

These are some of the things we have had as Golden Time activities in the past:

  • Badge Making
  • Café
  • Cinema (Popcorn and film)
  • Beauty Parlour
  • Bingo
  • Making playdough
  • Outdoor play
  • Biscuit making
  • Bring your own wheels (Scooters etc.)
  • Relaxation
  • Painting
  • Pizza Making
  • Cool club

Take a look at our Gallery tab to see photographs of some of the above activities.