Blue Class 2018/19

Welcome to Blue Class - Mrs Lancashire
This is where you can find information of the various activities your children will be taking part in this year.
If you have any suggestions for things to include on this page, please let a member of staff know your ideas.
Working with us this year we have the lovely Miss Nixon: Mon - Wed and the lovely Mrs. Wingfield: Thurs - Fri.
And a special thank you to the lovely Mrs Fagan who comes in to help us.
We look forward to a fun packed year with you all.
We will continue to collect 50p per child each week for additional activities.
Could you please make sure you complete and sign all permission forms that have been given out, as soon as possible? Thank you.
Year 2 End of Year Assessments
Our assessments take place in May so it is important that you ensure your child attends school every day that the school is open to them. There is a huge amount to learn this year. Please do NOT take them out of school for a holiday, especially around this time. Thank you.
Our P.E days are usually Monday and Tuesday this term. Please make sure your child has a full P.E kit in school, clearly labelled with their name. These kits can remain in school for the half term and then returned after each holiday. 
Our Collective Worship will be in the mornings at 9 am Mon - Thurs and then the usual Star Assembly on Friday at 1.10p.m.
We look forward to seeing you there to celebrate your children's achievements.
May I remind you to please turn your mobile phones off or onto silent during our assembly.
Thank you.
Our Topic
In Year 2 this term we will be learning about Harry Potter.
Take a look at our Potions Lab and maybe have a go at creating a recipe for a potion of your own. 
Maybe you want to turn your Teacher into a Creature!
Our featured author this term will be Julia Donaldson. If you have any of her books at home that you would like to share with the children, we would appreciate the opportunity to read them to the class.
Times Table Challenge!
As part of the Year 2 curriculum the children have to learn and practise their times tables. 
To help encourage the children to learn Blue Class are having a Times Table Challenge: learn a Times Table so you can answer random questions from it, quickly, and you will receive a certificate.
The children who learn the most Times Tables by the end of Year 2 will receive a prize for their efforts.
The ones to begin with are: 2x, 5x, 10x and 3x.
Good Luck everyone!
Wheelchair Basketball
We were fortunate to have the opportunity to learn the basics of Wheelchair Basketball this term. 
The children learned how to manoevre a 'specially designed' wheelchair around the hall: starting and stopping; dodging; turning; 'tagging' each other to simulate a pass; amd generally moving at different speeds.
This was both entertaining and educational. The children enjoyed it immensely and showed off some pretty nifty moves.
It also helped to inspire understanding and respect for our wonderful Paralympions who compete in this sport.
Well done to all of the children who took part in this fabulous activity!
Skittles Science
Last week the children investigated what would happen if Skittles were covered in water?
They predicted what they thought would happen and then placed their Skittles on their plates. Some decided to make a picture with them. Then they used their observational skills to see the results. 
They were surprised to see that the colours didn't mix together after all - instead they made a rainbow of colours down the plate. it was amazing!
This is one of the many activities that the 50p per week activity money supports. Thank you.
Inclusion Festival
Blue class will be taking part in the Inclusion Festival at Heritage High School on Tuesday 25th September.
It will take place during the afternoon and we aim to return to school in time for 3 p.m.
Please make sure your child has their full P.E kit in school and brings a bottle of water with their name clearly labelled on it.
Thank you. 
The children thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon, learning to play a variety of sports in ways that would make them inclusive to people who are less able or incapacitated in some way. From sit down 'boules' type sports, to sit down volleyball and even table cricket.
The children were great ambassadors for our school and all parents would be right to feel proud of them.
Well done Blue Class!
Active Maths
The children had a lot of fun working with a friend to calculate the number bonds to 20.
Last term was a long term, but we all survived! Well done everyone.
It was great to see everyone back after a restful holiday. Now the next chapter begins...
This term we will continue our topic about Harry Potter and this will come to a wonderful finale with a special afternoon of activities, when Parents and Carers will be welcome to visit and view the children's learning. We will keep you posted on the date and time.
This week has been Anti Bullying week and the children have enjoyed wearing 'odd socks'. They have learned what makes a good friend and how to be a good friend. They have talked about how being unkind makes them feel. The children have shown themselves to be very caring and compassionate people. You should all be very proud of them.
Children in Need 2018
The children have risen to the challenge again today, dressing up in fantastic outfits for Children in Need. Some came to school in pyjamas and others wore Pudsey clothes or spotty clothes; and all to raise money for this wonderful cause.
They looked amazing!
Well done everyone.
Congratulations to everyone on such a wonderful showcase to celebrate the end of our Magical Lands topic - Harry Potter.
The children put so much work into this topic and thoroughly enjoyed it. The showcase was just a snapshot of the learning this term.
Many thanks to all who joined us to share that learning with the children; you helped to make it very special.
Welcome back everyone and a Happy New Year.
This term our new topic is 'Out of this world'. 
We will be looking at space and focussing on: planets, people who have travelled in space, life forms, how time is affected by the moon, and many other interesting ideas.
Your child is welcome to bring in any items suited to junk modelling, to make rockets, spaceships, planets, etc.
May I remind you to please not take your child out of school for family holidays, etc, during this year, as we will be working towards our end of year assessments and it is vitally important that your child has every opportunity for learning.
Thank you
The children have now been issued with a personal login for 2 new websites that we have paid for in school:
1. Spelling Shed - here is where your child can practise spellings they need through fun, interactive games.
If your child prefers a written spelling list, please ask for one and it can be arranged.
2. Times Tables Rockstars - a fun and interactive site to practise times tables, and maybe even challenge other children to a competition.
The children have been listening to the music of Gustav Holst; The Planets Suite. First they listened to the pieces: Mars, Jupiter and Venus. After discussing how it made them feel and describing the pictures it created in their heads, they then interpreted their feelings in coloured diagrams.
Later, in PE, they created interpretive dance to show these feelings.
The children thoroughly enjoyed these activities.
Welcome Back to everyone. I hope you had a good rest over the holiday and are ready for more fun this term.
We are kick starting our term with a visit to the National Space Centre at Leicester.
The children enjoyed their day at the Space Centre. We had some budding astronauts and everyone was tired after such a busy day.
The children enjoyed lots of activities for British Science Week.
They tested runnng cars along different surfaces to make decisions on how to best make a moon buggy suited to the terrain it would have to run on.
The children decided that plants needed sunlight, water and soil in order to grow. So we investigated this by putting bean seeds in a bag, in different places in the classroom and just adding a small amount of water. They discovered that they grew shoots, even though they were not in soil; the ones in the darker parts of the classroom grew the quickest and the ones in the lighter parts took longer. The children quickly came to the conclusion that plants don't always necessarily need soil and light to begin growing. This raised new questions. Do plants need water? Do they need any light at all? This will lead us nicely into some new investigations to find some answers.
The children also planted some sunflower seeds and these will soon be added to our planters at the top of the field.
Space Showcase!
The children enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of building, with their adults, on Tuesday afternoon. The design brief asked them to build a moon buggy that had moving wheels, could seat 2 people and would run on different terrains.
A variety of great vehicles were made using junk modelling materials, Lego, K'nex, Mobillo and some magnetic shapes.
The parents enjoyed playing games around the hall and then got their breath back over a cup of tea.
The afternoon then concluded with a fun rendition of 'Rocket Man', joined in with by many of the adults.
Thank you to everyone who supported us with this fantastic afternoon. It was a sensation!
Summer Term
What makes Great Britain Great ?
This term we will be asking the question, 'What makes Great Britain Great?'  In year 2 we will base our learning upon World War 2 and the key events during this war.
As part of our Topic Launch day, the children learned how to dance a foxtrot, as they may have dance it in the 1940's. 
To help them understand the differences in diet from the 1940's to today, the children sampled some of the basic foods that everyone enjoyed at that time. They sampled bread and dripping and SPAM meat and basic bread and cheese.
As we near the end of the year, I would like to say a huge thank you to all you parents and carers who have supported us this year. Also thank you to the children who have helped to make this year a lot of fun, laughs, (stress) and happy memories. I wish you all the very best of luck in Year 3. Please keep in touch. Mrs Lancashire xxxx
Thank you to Kate, from the Derbyshire Fire Team, for sharing with the Year 2 children all about fire safety and the role the fire fighters play.